Monday, January 30, 2012

Week Two

Lots more sewing than knitting over this past week. Thursday was Australia Day, we took a holiday on Friday and had a lovely four day weekend.

I finished the pink floral dress by sewing down the yellow binding. My daughter got her doll dress too. She helped and it was a rough construction... but she loves it.

I cut and completed a top. The silk crepe fabric was part of my shopping spree in Beijing. Vogue V1179 cut shorter to wear with blue jeans.

I cut out a simple shift dress in this silk cotton voile . "Banana Gate" from Tessuti Fabrics. I also cut the remainder into a little smock top for my daughter using a pattern traced from my favorite Japanese kids book. Got just enough of the blue for the tie straps on the shoulders. I'll finish both next weekend.

I completed the knitting yellow Candlewick (from Week 1) up to the joining for the yoke. Its not photographed because it looks pretty much like last week. So spent a little time on my Lightweight pullover in Aslan Trends Invernal. I'm about to split off the sleeve stitches (the picture is an early one).

This coming week, now that we're back in the city and the kids are back at school will have much more knitting. I hope to start the decorative yoke on the yellow Candlewick. And will have the Invernal sweater as a carry along project.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Week One

This is the last week of the school holidays. Thursday is the Australia Day public holiday, so we're leaving the city for a long weekend up at the beach.

I plan to continue knitting on my Gnarled Oak Cardigan with Madtosh Pashmina in Candlewick. I have back, sleeves and almost done with the fronts. I'm knitting flat in pieces, aiming to get to the yoke joining by end of Wednesday for yoke knitting over the weekend.

I also plan to finish sewing this simple cotton dress for my six year old daughter. I wasn't planning on buying the fabric but she was shopping with me and the hot pink floral called to her. It's a sleeveless dress with a back zipper. To finish, all I need is some bright yellow thread to sew down the bias edging. The extra fabric is set aside because she's hoping I'll make a matching dress for her 18" doll.

Yarn arrived this past week, so I'll ball wind this lovely Madtosh Pashmina in Ink.
I think it wants to be a cardigan, so I'll be browsing patterns!