Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 146 : Advent Calendar

I saw a cute advent calendar on Pinterest a few weeks ago. I've been saving our toilet roll tubes in order to craft it. Its not quite finished yet. (Hence the pins holding the roof glue steady)

I used lightweight brown paper glued to the front end.

The day numbers are text handwritten in gold with a fine black pen outline.

Now just to fill with treats and Christmas messages and then glue the back card on. My kids are looking forward to popping each December day and finding out the little surprises inside.

Week 144- 145 Cotton voile dress and sock progress

I started a dress in a blue and white cotton voile. It is partially assembled and the lining is pinned inside.

The pattern is Vogue V1351 and first sewn in a lightweight wool crepe in Week 103

I was inspired by a china bracelet bought on Etsy and received in Week 139

The skirt requires some adjustment at the side seams in order for the border print to fall gracefully. The al-line pattern was unsuited to a straight line selvedge so i will have to make a different line down.

It needs a narrow navy belt too. The blue ribbon is a temporary trial.

i finished the Regia socks. the colour is called Persian Carpet.