Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week Ten

I can finally post finished pictures of the Washington Scarf now that I know it has been received.
I gift wrapped it in in a gold box with bronze coloured ribbon.

I also finished my so-called Lightweight Sweater. Which despite the pattern's name, in my version is not so light. I modified it with a heavier gauged yarn, I omitted all the ribbing and I upsized it to  a relazed slouchy fit.

The softness of the angora yarn is wonderful.

The school Easter Hat Parade is only a week away and so the kids and I had a paper crafting weekend.

Firstly the Easter Hat for my six year old daughter.

We started with a purchased cardboard top hat. I made a rough bird's nest on top whilst she shredded paper and painted (polysterene) eggs and found lots of little yellow bits from the craft box. The nest is a scrunched paper ring with tufts of cut fringed paper and yellow feathers and twiggy bits all from the craft box. Lots and lots of PVA glue was involved. Scrunched brown paper is in the middle.

We painted the pink hat underneath green. She cut out leaves from assorted green craft paper and we stuck lots with paper flowers (reclaimed from a cheap garland) and some  purchased chicks and bunnies all around the brim.

For my eight year old boy the hat concept was very different.

He said he wanted a helmet based on the one from his favourite 'Beast Quest' books.

So I made up a simple gold cardboard frame for him to decorate.

Then he asked for a "beak". which should have alerted me that the design concept was moving on ahead of me.

He stickytaped "teeth" and the red cello in the 'mouth' and then he started gluing on red feathers.... At this point I caught up with him and helped with coverage.

And I now know that this is a mask for 'Epos The Flame Bird'. (Book number six in the book series)

I may not be sewing but some fabric has entered the household. This screenprinted panel from Kristen Doran. 'Eva and Kit Crochet Squares'. I plan to make a cushion cover with it.
This will coordinate with other fabrics, some I have and some I'm waiting on delivery. This will include more linen for pillows and some screenprinted linen from Melbourne Designer Shannon Lamden for the quilt top.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week Nine

I thought about deferring this week's blog entry. I've made lots of progress but there isn't a lot of photographs. But then I considered the purpose. Its a craft planner and personal record... so if I don't have photographs-- then that is just the way it is.

Next week should be better illustrated as it catches up.

I knit busily and finished the Washington Scarf. Its wrapped and ready for posting. I'm holding back the final photographs until I know its been received.

I finished with the Aslan Trends Invernal Sweater but have no photographs to show. Instead, I have a recent in-progress photograph (with fresh shellac manicure!).

I rummaged the work-in-progress basket and found Boreal to work on. The yarns are 'Noro Cash Iroha' in a vibrant emerald green and The Fibre Co 'Terra' in 'Anenome' for the contrast. I think a snowflake sweater is the essential addition to my wardrobe.

Finally, the joinery was installed in my daughters room. She loves it.
There is still a lot of painting and sorting to be done but an early view is here. Bookshelves and pinboard (in the Cloth screenprinted fabric, you can see she's already pinned a few pictures already)
There is another longer pinboard in plain oatmeal cloth out of view.

I still have to finish painting her desk chair and make a cushion pad for it. I'm thinking of cutting one rose motif from the floral fabric surplus. There can't be sewing whilst my sewing machine is at the repair shop though.  I'm promised its return in the next couple of weeks.

This coming week is fully booked. But I hope to make some progress on Lotus Tee and Boreal.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week Eight

This week was all preparation for my daughters joinery installation and continuing established projects.

I knit on the red Washinton Scarf. I'm very close to the end now and hope to have it finished, blocked and giftwrapped this week.

I cast on Polly, a cropped cardigan for my daughter in the Madelinetosh Vintage (colour Lepidotra).
Great stitch definition for the bottom ruffled edge. Its a quick knit which I hope to have finished within two weeks.

I made up a few cushions in preparation for my daughters bedroom makeover. the joinery is going to be installed on Wednesday. I made a bolster cushion and two scatter cushions, then my sewing machine broke down.

I also need to repaint her timber desk chair to coordinate with her new colour scheme.
The rose fabric motif would make a very cute chair pad.

I'm waiting on the rose screen printed fabric because its being used for her large wall panels and I won't get the surplus until after installation, so a delay caused by a lack of sewing machine isn't the end of the world (even though it felt bad when it failed to stitch)

Lots of yarn arrived this week and I'm seeing a colour theme emerging.

From the top
Madelinetosh Pashmina in colour Amber Trinket
Madelinetosh DK Twish in Wilted Rose
Sundara Worsted Silky Alpaca in Rhythm of the Saints

For the coming week, obviously no sewing, unless I am brave and make friends with the new overlocker sitting in the craft room.

Finishing the scarf of course, finishing the cream Aslan Trends Invernal Sweater too (one and a bit sleeves to go) and working on the little cropped cardigan.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week Seven

A busy week spend mostly away from home. I travelled and whilst waiting for things, caught up with the easier project knitting.

I made good progress on the sweater in Aslan Trends Invernal. Its not quite knitted according to the Lightweight Pullover pattern. I've omitted the ribbing and changed the gauge. I've also added a lot more ease given that this angora yarn seemed to want to be a loose slouchy pullover.
I'm two thirds of the way down the first sleeve, then I have to take up the stitches on the second and carry that down to the same length. I'm casting off to a simple rolled edge.

I cast on the sleeve for Lotus Tee, to check my gauge and determine I had everything I need. Most of this sweater is straightforward stockinette, so it will be a good carry-along project.

I knitted on the red Washington Scarf too. But other than being longer than the previous photograph, there's not much more to show. (Plus I don't want to give too much detail away whilst its recipient might be watching!)

No sewing but I sorted out the stash and set aside this Silk Tweed Dress. Its cut out, I hope to start assembly next weekend. The fabric is a silk tweed bought locally. Its still very beautiful, but it is a practice run. I've cut to match the strong pattern which took up quite a bit of time.

I'm combining two Vogue Options patterns, the top marked from the pattern on the left with the raised collar and 3/4 sleeves, but with the fuller skirt of the pattern on the right hand side.
If this pattern works out well I have invested in some really beautiful wool tweed.