Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week 141 : Holiday sock knitting

I knit two pairs of socks whilst on holiday.

These first are the Sweet Georgia Yarn Tough Love Sock in the colour Snapdragon.
My nine year old daughter is very tall for her age. So whilst i knit a narrower sock than I would have for an adult, I still knit a 9" overall length.

They look good over her boots.

This is my boy, with his hand knit socks from a few weeks ago and in his boots complete with a little holiday farm-mud.

I finished his pair of socks. This is Regia Design Line with the colours "Landscape Fire" designed by Kaffe Fasset.

I've spent this last week painting school stage sets. Fun and creative but unfortunately unbloggable.  Still knitting socks though, trying to finish a second pair for my daughter before she goes to school camp. Hopefully soon I will have some time to revisit my larger project and my sewing table.

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