Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 158 : Weaving with wollmeise

I tried weaving this week. I had two skeins of highly variegated Wollemise sock yarn. (100% Pure in the colour Flower Power).

Using the yarn for both the warp and the weft produced quite a vibrant plaid pattern.

Its early days in this project. It also took me a while to remember how the thread up this loom and not get too dispirited when the first few inches looked so uneven.

It is moving quickly now and apart from being a bit concerned about how loose the weave looks. I hope to at least be able to finally judge its success in a week. Its under quite a bit of tension in the loom and a soak in water after weaving will also produce a bit more relaxation in the fabric.

Here is the yarn in skein, after untying and before and ball wound.

I also cast on a sock for a gift. This is Softrope Sock in the colour Weld. I think it might be one of the nicest sock yarns Ive knitted with. My stitches are coming out nice and evenly (even before blocking).

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  1. That fabric is fun! I love the way that weaving so changes how yarn looks.

    That sock is a wonderful color.