Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week Twenty One

Lotus Tee
I am close to finishing Lotus Tee.

A little embroidery to enhance the colourwork motifs and an edging, Which I haven't decided yet.

Either the pattern requirement to i-cord around all the edges, or to leave the cuffs and bottom edge 'naturally curling' and just pickup and do a few reverse stockingette rows around the neckline.

Here's a picture of it assembled. Stitch holders are still in place on the live neckline stitches.

The cuff looks like this

...and the sleeve fitted nicely into the armhole.

Since this is so far advanced I cast on two new projects.

Emelie in Antique Lace
Another Emelie cardigan in  Madtosh Pashmina, colour "Antique Lace". I was inspired to make this when I was sorting out the wardrobe and found this simple silk shift dress. The silk was bought on a recent trip to Beijing and I made it at the end of last summer.

Here is the dress. (It's a little creased, which didn't seem quite so apparent before I photographed it)

The edges have a self made bias binding.

Brigid in Anenome
Then I cast on Brigid in The Fibre Company's Terra yarn in "Anenome".
It will be a quick knit on 5mm needles. (The pashmina knits for me on 3.5mm)

Here is the yarn and the book photograph.

...and here is one sleeve started.

I will lengthen the body but am undecided about the sleeves. I'll have to wait and see how much yarn I have.

New Yarn
Finally, yarn entered the stash. (Well actually a lot of yarn enters the stash all the time. But I'm particularly pleased about this acquisition).

I had to compromise on colour when knitting my Camilla Sweater a year ago. The blue I really wanted in this now discontinued yarn was unavailable. So I settled for a pale green instead. Which is still very beautiful. But a Sydney Knitter was selling some of her yarn on Ravelry and advertised this, the very colour I was looking for. In a (generous) sweater quantity.

I haven't decided what to knit with it.

The Week Ahead
I will be finishing Lotus Tee and working on my other work in progress.I have also made plans for another iPhone case cross stitch.


  1. Geez, your output makes me feel like a slacker ( no disrespect intended, please keep churning out the fabulous finished items). Love, love, love the dress, where did you get the fabric in Beijing? When I was there I did not see anything do cool....

  2. I just love your Lotus Tee. The details with the flowers is beautyfull.
    Ulla1 (ravelry)