Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week Twenty Three - Update

School Term has just finished. This past week I made progress on existing projects and a lot of shopping.

I knit several inches on Emelie (the second version again in pashmina but this time the 'antique lace' colour.)

The rosewood (coloured) Knitpro needle is my new favourite. I love pretty knitting needles (and stitch markers) The connectors in this set are tinted copper and the cable is brown. I got the set online from The Wool Shack. (sidebar link)

I love the look of this new set. I was disappointed to snap my 5mm needle though. Not a manufacturing fault.. entirely the fault of me kneeling on the sofa to get something and not seeing the needle.

I also progressed the Lightweight Sweater in the Sundara yarn colourway of Rhythm of the Saints.

I knit more on Brigid in the Terra yarn (anenome colourway, which is really hard to photograph. Its a blend of pale blue and mint green). I completed the back and one sleeve (up to underarm) I've cast on a second sleeve and started the cable detail of the front. Since I'm not sure how much yarn I have I will be finishing both fronts, then reserving yarn for the ribbed button bands and knitting the sleeves as long as I can. Hopefully to 'bracelet' length.

Speaking of buttons I went to All Buttons in Newtown last weekend. I bought these vintage 1960s/1970s buttons. They are pearlised plastic and whilst a bit darker than the yarn, they are the perfect colour mix.

Here's a close up.

A trip to Newtown always ends up with me buying more buttons than my immediate need.
I was inspired by these hand carved buttons and thought them a perfect inspiration for the Ink Pashmina yarn.

I bought these buttons too as I had a Madelinetosh DK swatch at the ready. Perfect colour but not sure how they might make a project.

This swatch was a trial for a cable-twisted buttonband. (The buttonholes are hidden in the braid). I chose the yarn from the deepest corners of the stash to go with this silk top I made last year. The silk is from our trip to Beijing. I wore it lots in Summer, but since its sleeveless a cardigan would give me more wearing opportunities.

Here is the top.

The buttons I have (though I bought them anyway) are too decorative and would compete with the braid. But I do like the yarn with the blue detail in the fabric. I like the idea of a cable braid echoing the silk print too. So lots of competing ideas!
A buttonband braid is still a treatment that would work well for another project. Maybe the ink pashmina? Those buttons are bead-like and would fit well in a cable braid.

Coming up is week one of a three and a half week school holiday. yay!

I shopped big in the Tessuti fabric sale and have lost of fabric stash to sew up. Dresses and tops to show next week.

New yarn has entered the house, of course. I'll post when I have project ideas.

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