Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Week Forty Four - Update

I'm counting myself fortunate to have these two t-shirts sewn up last weekend. It has been a chaotic week and I haven't managed a single stitch for days.

But two t-shirts are now in circulation. (One is more sucessful than the other)

This was a dark blue stretch cotton. Possibly an organic cotton, which I bought from Kelani Fabrics some time ago.

I cut a t-shirt for myself and tied it in knots. Three or four knots up each sleeve and another series of knots from bottom to top of both the front and back. I soaked it in bleach and washed it out to find this! I like its pale blue colours, its like beach surf.

Here's a close up. I overlocked the edge and then did a double line of stitching on the neckline, cuffs and bottom hem.

My second tshirt was a white, heavier weight stretch cotton. Its very opaque so I am planning some 'perfect' white tshirts for myself.

I did a similar knotting and dyed this with navy blue. I like it enough to wear it (at home) but I'm not counting it a success.

Lesson learned for next time. Whilst I love the navy blue cap and cuff as a detail, they should be both alike!

So next time I won't cut both sleeves out beforehand.
I think they should be cut after the fabric is dyed so that they can get the same amount of cuff on each.

I love the soft colour though.

Hopefully next week I will have done a little stitching. I have lots of work in progress.

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  1. Chic tie-dye is not a contradiction in terms! (although there was a lot of not-chicness about some of the tie-dyeing that I have done in the past). There's a lot of Akira Isogawa in these t-shirts...