Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week Fifty Four

A couple of short updates on cross stitching.

The Love Tattoo is almost finished. Only a few more rows on the bottom edge to go. Then I will get it made into a cushion and will photograph it as a finished project!

This last weekend I started a new stitch project. One I'm hoping will progress very quickly.
I'm already more than half way, after only a few days.

Here it is a bird and a flower. I have done almost everything except for the central of flowers. It too will become a cushion but this will be for my daughters bedroom.

My young daughter is stitching a cushion from the same range. She is progressing more slowly but enjoying seeing the spaniel puppies emerge.

I knit on Annabelle and am now making the sleeves. I need to shop for more buttons as the first set I purchased aren't looking right, now that I have made the whole front.

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