Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week Seventy Eight

I'm back from the most exhilarating travel through the US. From Nashville, Savannah, Chicago Washington and New York.

I cast on a simple top down cardigan just before I left. Its fingering weight Dream in Colour, Starry in the colour "Tokyo Creme". It has silver thread running through the wool.

I made lots of progress, finished the body and got a long way down the first sleeve. The button bands are done in seed stitch and button holes with a single YO. I'm thinking about simple pearl buttons. 

One the flight home I knit another Polly cardigan for my daughter. It's such an easy and transportable little project. I could easily have completed it from start to finish on the way there during the Sydney to LA flight, but the flight on the way over was a bit bumpy and I got distracted and made a mistake on the back. I miscounted my rows and knit the 'right side' on the reverse side of the bottom frill. So I unravelled it right down to the first few rows and started again on the way home. 

I had a completed cardigan with me so I didn't need to measure.
This is Madelinetosh Vintage (two skeins) in the colour Grapefruit.

I fumbled a three needle bindoff for the shoulders in the airport lounge without enough needles. This was so I could knit the front band without delay.

I did the rest of the seaming at home and the button comes from stash.

This coming week is dominated by the kids going back to school, and returning the household to order.
I have reviewed all the in progress projects, including a few more than a year old. The next few weeks are going to be focussed on finishing up before I get dir-stracted by new yarn.

I shopped whilst away. (Of course). Both at Wild Fiber and The Frayed Knot in Savannah.
This beautiful Copper Corgi yarn came from The Frayed Knot. The pink "Piglet" colour is for my daughter. The single russet and purple skein is for a future wrap.

And I shopped at Purl Soho in New York. But I will save that update for the new post as my new yarn skeins need to be put side by side with some skeins from stash.


  1. Beautiful projects! I see you also don't like knitting sleeves in the round, it is not my favourite thing to do either.

  2. Love the cardis - did your travel wardrobe work out? Wouldn't mind hearing about that as well.

  3. What a gorgeous little cardigan. I love the new yarns that you purchased too.