Monday, September 16, 2013

Week Eighty Six

Here is the finished Fair Isle Yoke cardigan.

Its a good fit, I certainly wouldn't have wanted it any smaller and since I used up almost all my dark charcoal yarn colour. Its just as well i knit this up this season.

My daughter is only eight but the tallest girl in her class. I knit the age 7-8 size for width and the 9-10 (and a bit more) for lengths.

The yarn is beautifully soft and the stitch definition fantastic for colour work. Its was nice and springy to knit. Unfortunately, it snagged on its first wearing (you can see the pulled threads) but that is due to an excitable little puppy jumping up and I can crochet hook threads back in.

If I were to knit this cardigan again, apart from going up a size or two I would increase the depth of the ribbed edge. She was wearing this cardigan for some hours before I thought to take a photograph. But the ribbing has a tendency to flip up and did so even shortly after blocking.

Its a pretty yoke.

My colours weren't exactly as specified in the book. I don't know how this happened, I obviously just misordered.

The first "substitution" was the lighter grey. The pattern shows it as a stronger steel grey. Mine is a pale fawn grey. As it happens I like this grey better. I think it sits more comfortably with the pastel colours.

The second substitution is the pale pink. My pink is too pale compared with the rose specified. In real life it looks fine but it doesn't photograph with very much definition.

Still overall I'm very happy now that this is complete and being worn. My daughter likes it too!

Next week:
I have been knitting the yoke of the pink Sundara Aran sweater. The one I hope to finish for my daughters school camp and the one that is similar to my son's. I'm on to the yoke. Very close. I hope to have that finished by next post.

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