Monday, October 21, 2013

Week Ninety One

I am well on the way to finishing Twigs and Willows. One front is now knitted and seamed to the back and the sleeve set in. 

I am working on the second front and hope to have it finished this week.

After that its just button bands and buttons.

Floral Cross Stitch
I also finished the floral cross stitch. This will be sent for upholstering into a cushion this week. It is for my daughters bedroom.

Hair Clip projects.
I was prompted by a Ravelry discussion on the Sundara forum of how to use up the very small remnants of yarn. And I was thinking about gifts for small girls.

Flower with multiple yarns.
I used three yarns. Skein Merino Silk Worsted in the colour Geisha for the base flower. Madelinetosh Vintage in Grapefruit and Noro Silk Garden Light. (I wouldn't use this again as it looks a little 'messy' when crocheted next to the smoother yarns)

Th first round is a single crochet, then a combination of single and double (treble?) stitches to make a scalloped round.

The second layer was made with Madelinetosh Vintage in Grapefruit. I used my crochet hook to 'dig in' pick up stitches and 'cast off'. (Rather like the knitting technique.) I kept this round very loose.

The final round is a very small single crochet ring in the Noro.

It's a little overblown with three layers but I was quite happy with it for a first attempt.

Simple and quick little flowers
I made two clips in my second experiment. These flowers were so quick to make. Just a few minutes each.

(1) Make a slip knot. Not too tightly because I have to go back into this stitch for each ‘petal’ 

(2) Chain 6 

(3) Slip stitch back into that first slip knot to make a chain loop.

(4) Make four more petals the same way by chain 6, and slip stitch back into the first stitch. (Total five 'petals'.)

(5) Tie off and use yarn tail to sew to clip and fix bead in centre.

Button flower
This has a pink shell button as a base, then a crocheted flower (with Sundara Aran Silky Merino and using the technique above).

Finished with a button and the whole lot is sewn down to a hair clip.

Leaf hairclip
Botanical Knits has a pattern for little leaves (also a free Ravelry download.)
I made one with my Sundara cardigan yarn. 

I was looking through the button box for an accompaniment. But I settled on a gold button.

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