Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 105 - Freshly Minted Boy Sweater

I am sewing this sweater up and placing the raglan seam buttons. But this is finished.

I hope to get better photographs next week modelled by my boy. The green is much more pronounced than my iPhone camera can show. Its washed out a lot more on the knit fabric than the wound skein.

I used seven and a bit skeins of yarn. Sunrise Fibre Co Aran Tweed is 181 yards a skein. I think that's over 1300 yards.. for a ten year old boys sweater!
I know I sized it to be loose and slouchy, and he is getting very tall… but that is well into adult sizes.
There is no "whipping up kids knits" anymore in my family.

The yarn colour is Fresh Mint. The eight skeins I bought were reasonably matched, a few have more pronounced variegation than others but by alternating with two skeins throughout, they blended pretty well.

Its a very busy week, but I hope for lots of photographs next.

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