Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 124 : Linen knit t-shirt

A quick t-shirt this weekend. I was sorting the craft room and discovered this long forgotten project.

I bought the fabric a long time ago, its a stretch knit. Linen or a linen blend in a soft grey. Its very drapey. Its not sheer, but its a fine enough fabric I might need to be conscious of what I wear under it.

Bought from Tessuti. I used the reverse side which is a little more matte in finish.

I overlocked the seams and hand stitched the hems.

I finished a few other projects in the to-do box (alterations mostly). So I have a clear run for school holidays in two weeks. we'll be leaving the city and I have hopes I'll get a lot done.

I knit on my Stasis sweater. I've now finished the second sleeve and have joined to do the yoke. This picture shows how the transitioning Noro Silk Garden yarn contrast has worked. I'm pleased my sleeves are both in the deep colours and somewhat balanced. I have fuscia pink and lime green coming up in the skein, which will be interesting to see on the yoke.

Nothing to report on the green Compassion silk sweater. Just more of the same and then plain sleeves after that. Until I get to the lace design on the yoke its going to be a boring knit.

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