Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week 129 : Gradient

I made good progress on the Gradient collection of Plucky Bello yarn from last week. I am still knitting upwards through the body but on the third skein. Almost at the underarm and one more colour (Oatmeal) after this.

I am planning a simple colour motif around the yoke when I get to that point. perhaps Neiman using the darkest skein over the lightest.

The colour change is as follows
Starting a 9cm band of colour "a",
-    then introducing colour b as; a, a, b, a, a, b,
-    then alternate rounds; a, b, a, b, a, b, a, b, a, b, a, b,
-    then back to the 2rounds/one round proportion but with the new colour dominant; a, b, b, a, b, a, and on to "b" solid colour knitting for 8cm until the next transition sequence.

That was the only knitting I did over the past week.
I did cut out the New York Cape pattern from Tessuti  using this black and white plaid wool. The grey wool fold over binding is also from Tessuti.

I was inspired by the strength of the plaid fabric in this Celine coat. (Except why is the bottom edge left raw on this runway image? The other photographs I've pinned show it with a continuing binding. Perhaps they ran out of time?)
Anyway, depending on how I feel about the fit and handle of this NY cape/jacket I might make an additional one in a bold plaid with contrasting binding.

Then after that I made a start on the wool felt sofa throw using the Mary Flanagan felt squares I bought from Purl Soho.

I bought eight bundles in all (as per the Purl Bee project suggestion and this resulted in two of each of four bundles.

I had to cut each accurately to square and according to the smallest dimension.

It was hard seeing the waste pile. But I am thinking about crafty ideas for how I can use them.

I made a sample seam on a few edges. Its a double stitch line and I have 100% cotton. So my next challenge is to set them out. The question is randomly, or in bands with the colour shifting?

Then I blocked Stasis. The gauge remained more or less the same at 20st / 30r per 10cm. the wool has bloomed out a little and the colourwork yoke is sitting a little more comfortably in the adjacent grey fabric. I think its going to be a challenge to get this yoke to sit perfectly, it is such a deep band with no decreases, then a dramatic reduction. Its hard to absorb that sudden loss of width without puckering.

Photograph: Before

Photograph: After

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