Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week Eleven

Its been the last full week of school and 'full time work' for me. Plus a young six year old girl turned seven and we held a party for her school friends. It was great fun, but exhausting.

I managed a little knitting on Lotus Tee. I finished one sleeve and cast on a second and at the same time worked on the body.

I really love the armband detail. The leaves are stranded knitting and the stems are embroidered backstitch. I made a mistake with the colour of the stems (they should be the same as the leaves) but I still like the result so I won't be unpicking it. I'm doing the armband detail on one sleeve only.

A new cushion joined the Family Room sofa. Not my crafting, this Sydney Map cushion came from MyBeardedPidgeon from her Etsy shop. It is a great companion for the two other older cushions (which I did make up). The one at the back, is in "Fuukei Blue on Natural Linen" by Nani Iro and the cushion in the middle is made in Cloth Australia's "Fern Blue and Green".

I have a cross stitch kit started. This Love kit from Emily Peacock will eventually become a cushion. At the moment its fixed in a frame next to my favourite sofa position and I do a few stitches here and there.

Having photographed cushions and the stitching frame this is also an opportunity to show the kids/craft coffee table. This came about when I refurnished the room. Having spent on a new leather sofa, blinds and a lovely rug I was reluctant to go overboard on a coffee table whilst the children were so young and there is a threat of glue, paint and textas. (I'm still grieving the permanent ink on an original plywood Eames table).

So I found an Ikea TV stand. I oversprayed it and fitted a sheet of glass to the top. Kids pictures are under the glass for a colourful surface.

We keep paper, colouring books and textas in plastic tubs on the shelf below. I keep my favourite knitting project here too, as well as the cross stitch frame. I like to sit here whilst the kids do homework (or just colouring) and it also has a nice view to the garden.

School term finishes next Wednesday. (Hurray)
My crafting plans are:
  • Keep working on Lotus Tee. Its small and an easy carry-around project for when I'm waiting.
  • Cast on three new knitting projects. Two cardigans and a sweater.
  • New fabric has arrived, if I can retrieve my sewing machine from the repair shop, there will be lots and lots of sewing.

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