Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week Fifteen

This is a very short blog post because I have been a very loyal knitter this past week and only worked on one project.

More focus means I have finished the back of Emelie and blocked it and picked up the neck band stitches with the ribbing.

The Madelinetosh pashmina yarn really does look exactly like its colour name of malachite.

My next step is to knit one of the front bands (the button side) so I can go shopping for buttons this week, then the band with the buttonholes to match and then finally the sleeves which will be knitted from the shoulder down to the cuff.

I have done no sewing this week (I'm not counting the repair to the torn school blazer or the replaced buttons). I am still without my sewing machine.

This week I might see how I feel about casting on a new project, I'm in need of something requiring more attention. Straight stockinette is great for kindle-reading but I need variety. (Like a colour work yoke sweater.) Or I might dig deeply into the hibernating projects and see if there is a project which I could finish quickly.

I also want to finish the black and white 'Roses' t-shirt from last week. I have some great new vintage fabric to make into cushions too.

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