Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week Nineteen

iPhone Case:
I recently upgraded my ancient iPhone. I chose a white 4S. I am enthralled by the Leese Design cross stitch kit. I bought this one (in white) from Morris & Sons. I used my own thread and a motif from one of my own books.  Made in France (amazon link), it has lots of single colour charts.

I am already planning more case embroideries. I love the contradiction of a high-tech phone compared with the vintage suggestion of cross stitch.

Tempest Cardigan
I started this cardigan at the end of last year.  It is Tempest cardigan, from Knitty in 2008 but only got as far as the first sleeve.
The yarn is Fingering Silky Merino (50% silk and 50% merino) by Sundara Yarns.

Sundara was inspired by an old Chinese folk tale (which I think might be called The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. But unfortunately this is no longer mentioned on her website).

The story tells of childless parents finding a baby hidden in a bamboo stalk, hence the freshness and depth in the green yarn. It is called "Bamboo Grove". The grief of the parents when they eventually lose their daughter is represented in the "Moonlit Bamboo" colourway.
I was so moved by the story. I immediately clicked to purchase the yarn.

I hope to finish this sleeve this coming week and immediately start the second. I'm hoping it will be my 'primary' knitting project. Or if not perhaps Lotus Tee might step up this week.

I have finished the green malachite 'Emelie' cardigan. Pictures will be posted next week.

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