Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week Sixty Three

No sewing this week, just a lot of knitting.

Since I was stalled on Flo with the dark blue mismatched yarn, I cast on Twigs and Willows (Ravelry link). It is a cardigan from her new book Botanical Knits.

Here is the published cardigan.

I am knitting my cardigan with Swans Island Worsted in Vintage Lilac.
Its the yarn I photographed as a skein against my purple tweed dress two weeks ago.

Having the dress (which I haven't worn yet) is a great motivation to finish the cardigan. So far I have knitted both sleeves, part of the back and up to one of the yokes on a front.

I knit alternating from two skeins for the sleeves and they blended well.  The back piece I needed to start another skein and its not a great match for the earlier yarn. Its possible to see the slight striping on the photograph.

The front piece (folded under the ribbed back piece) I knit from three skeins and its much better blended.

This is why I left the back partly finished to start the fronts. I wanted to maximise the yarn for the fronts.

I haven't decided if I'm going to rip the back down to the ribbing and reknit. It depends on what skeins I have left over from the fronts. And also... it looks more 'stripey' in the photograph than in real life.

I hope by next week's post I will have some finished pieces to show. Maybe not the full assembly.
I'll also be shopping for buttons later this week.

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