Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 120 : Windmill Cardigan

Several new knitting projects started this week.

Firstly a small cardigan, sized age 1-2 as a gift. I am knitting Spud + Chloe Sweater yarn a wool/cotton blend (which will be machine washable). I bought this yarn last year on our family holiday in Savannah.

The pattern is Windmill Cardigan by Louisa Harding from Miss Bea's Colours. The repeated heart motif is done in purl stitches on the knit background. I'm done with the back, both sleeves and one front. I have to complete the second front (with the buttonholes) but I can't confirm that until I've selected buttons.

I cast on a wrap cardigan for my daughter. She is very keen on ballet but the last couple of weeks has been chilly waiting on her class to start. She has a purchased wrap cardigan but i thought this would be nice for something pretty. I am using the pattern Theresa by Debbie Bliss, but substantially modifying it   to match the purchased cardigan we already have. My daughter can wear it before ballet and it will also look pretty over a summer dress.

I have two precious skeins of this sport weight silk cashmere. The skeins arrived as part of the Sundara subscription. Two skeins ruled out adult sized cardigans or sweaters (unless I created a scarf, or did something sleeveless).

I have another bright saffron yellow which I'm planning to cast on for myself in a long-sleeved cardigan. So I decided not to try to acquire more from other knitters' destashes.

I cast on a silk sweater for myself. I have knit this Lace Yoke Sweater myself twice now. the first version was in Anny Blatt Kanpur silk and was gorgeous until it met tragedy with a mistaken trip to the  washing machine. I knit it again in Fibre Co. Road to China Light and now I want to replace my original in silk.

This pretty green Sportweight silk is a special edition from Sundara Yarns. Its called Compassion.

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