Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 122 : Floral Raglan Top

I can't remember what this fabric is, even though I bought it quite recently from Tessuti.
Its lightweight, with stretch and possibly in wool. The design is a very blurred floral in blues and teals.

Last weekend I cut a long sleeved raglan t-shirt for it to wear with jeans. I traced and cut the pattern from a top I liked the fit of. I hope to finish it in the coming weekend.

I used my new Swedish pattern tracing paper. Its half way between a very light interfacing (in that i is able to be sewn) but with the surface that can be written on. I used regular felt tip pens and the ink took well and clearly.

Otherwise I knit on the green Compassion silk from last week and I knit a small wool jumper in school colours for my kids school mascot.

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