Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week Twenty Seven - Update

Only one project to show this week. I finished Brigid.
I am not very happy with it. A lot of that disappointment is in the yarn. I love the Fibre Company Terra (I made one of my favourite projects the "Adelaide Yoke Sweater" from it) but this colour Anenome isn't really as flattering as it could be, and it shows up a lot of the slubs.

I have two options (well three if I include the the "departure box")

(1) I could wear it like a sweater and sew up the button band on the inside. Still leaving the buttons, although they would be decorative only.

I'm not happy about the fit. On the one hand the button band gapes, and although its not particularly stretched, it actually feels too big. Maybe the shaping is off. The waist line is much lower and making everything look much more saggy than my real life deserves. (Even after two children)

The buttons are very pretty, but they are not inspirational on this fabric. Plus the button band placement isn't right. The top button should sit higher towards the neckline.

(2) Leave it as a cardigan, but this dress also needs adjustment as its too full of fabric.

I haven't decided what to do about it. Any comments are gratefully received.

In the meantime I continue to knit on my Lightweight Sweater.
More sewing next week!

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  1. The cardigan looks better open - how is it with a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans? There is always the option of trying it on willing family members until you find someone who really likes it.