Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week Twenty Eight

I cast on a new Brigid Cardigan using the same yarn but in 'Belladonna', a different colourway. I am making some design modifications to the 'Anenome' project of last week.
  • Sleeves in 4x4 rib, full length.
  • Back and fronts (either side of cable panel) also in 4x4 rib.
  • The front button bands and neckline band at a much tighter gauge.
  • Amending stitch counts.
I completed a sleeve this week. I love this yarn colour and in the rib. I am not sure if I will be partially ripping this sleeve down though. I slimmed the fit by reducing the stitch count, but I might have overdone it. I am going to do one of the fronts and the back and see how it fits to the armhole.

I continued to knit on Lightweight Pullover in the Sundara Worsted Silky Alpaca 'Rhythm of the Saints' colour. I still have a way to go on the body. I have decided to omit the ribbing.

And I also knit a little on my Larch Cardigan. Also Sundara yarn, but Sport Merino in the colour 'Arabian Nights'.

Then I did a little bit of sewing. I made some pyjama pants for my nine year old boy. This cotton knit fabric is very soft with a brushed finish to the reverse side. Its by Hilco and I bought it from Earth Girl Fabrics. I cut out a tshirt top too, but I still have to sew it.

I cut out the green polkadot Oliver + S knit fabric the previous week for two pairs of pyjama tops and bottoms for my daughter. I still have to sew them up but I bought some white ricrac edging from a local fabric store.

Finally, I dug deeply in the yarn stash. I pulled four colours of Rowan All Seasons Cotton for kids sweaters.
The first time I used this yarn, my boy was in preschool. He lost his jumper but we found it a week later buried in the sandpit, once washed it was as good as new. This is a very hardwearing yarn.

The soft pink is for my daughter. A simple sweater with some texture or cables and set in sleeves.
  • The variegated pink is for a poncho like sweater, also for my daughter.
  • The blue grey is for a plain raglan sweater for my boy.
  • The red is also for my boy, but I might add a few stripes.
Finally, since I'm trying to make space in the stash, I pulled more aran gauged yarn. This time for myself. I plan an Annabelle cardigan in this Quince Osprey yarn. (Colour 'Petal') I will make a coordinating 'Serafina' cowl. (Ravelry links).

Knitting with 5mm needles will be refreshing for the next few weeks. Most of my recent knitting has been on 3.5 or 3.75mm.

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