Monday, October 8, 2012

Week Thirty Eight

The last week of school holidays and we did the tie-dye project.

This is the kit I had to start us off. I bought it from Eckersleys art supplies. It came with red, yellow and blue jaquard dyes and a powder for the fixing solution.

To start with we decided to dye with only the blue and with plain white cotton cut up to make two tshirts. I wasn't sure how successful we would be on our first trial.

We did simple knots on the unassembled fabric. My daughter used the dye in a squeeze bottle.

The next day I washed and unknotted the fabric. Here it is dry and ready for sewing up! There are two long sleeved tshirts to be made.

We will use the remaining colours in the coming weekends. The next versions will have tighter knotting and I think we might have let the dye puddle a bit too much in the creases of the fabric.

On other crafting news I am almost finished both fronts of the Emelie cardigan so I can choose buttons this week.

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