Monday, October 1, 2012

Week Thirty Seven

There has been a lot of kids crafting during this first week of school holidays, but those artistic works don't belong to me to show ;-)

I have been knitting on the Emelie Cardigan in Madelinetosh pashmina.
I am now past the armhole shaping for the left front. I'm hoping to finish the second front by next weekend and then be able to start a button band (so I can shop for buttons).
Sleeves can be knitted after that.

I'm much happier with this colourway over the bright green malachite. I think it will be much more wearable.

I have made a few modifications.
The lace panel is one 'column' wider than the original. I've also reworked all the shaping including the armhole.

Like my malachite version I will be knitting the sleeves upwards from the cuff, rather than top-down.

I unintentionally knit the right hand side lace chart on the left hand side front. It won't be an issue, just as long as I remember and knit the left chart for the right front! (The patterns have to mirror one another.)
Here's a close up of the lace panel. Its unblocked so will spread out a bit more when finished.

One more week of school holidays. We're planning to do some tie-dyeing with some white organic cotton knit.

We have a big family gathering next weekend, so my sewing break continues.

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